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James Brewster is an English artist who has lived in Malmö, Sweden since 2006. He works mainly with sound. His main current project is Electroacoustic cafe - a sound installation consisting of a fully-functioning espresso bar. He attaches contact microphones to the inside of an espresso machine, allowing people to hear the sound of their coffee being made

before they drink it.

Electro-acoustic cafe has appeared at many festivals and venues around Europe, including CTM Berlin, Latitude UK, Exit 07 Luxembourg and Södra Teatern in Stockholm. The project has also received widespread media attention, including Swedish national television SVT:1 and BBC

Radio 3.

Most recently Brewster set up the espresso bar on a tiny island off the south coast of Sweden. The idea was the coffee-sounds would help focus listeners' ears on the wider sonic environment - waves, birds, wind, etc.During this project, 5% of the time was spent making the installation, and 95% of the time finding the right island.

Brewster's other installations often focus on simple interactions. For example, allowing people to use bicycle pumps to create water bubbles which are then picked up by hydrophones.

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